Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) was established on 12th of July, 2000 by an Act of the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria during the administration of ex-president, Matthew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo; as a pragmatic interventionist agency saddled with the major tasks; to concentrate on the rapid development of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

The Mission of the NDDC to the Niger Delta Region is to offer a lasting solution to the social-economic difficulties of the region and to facilitate the rapid and sustainable development of the Niger Delta into a region that is economically prosperous, socially stable, ecologically regenerative and politically peaceful.

Niger Delta Region of Nigeria consists of Nine (9) coastal southern states of the country; namely: Ondo, Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Imo, Abia, Cross River and Akwa Ibom. 

The Niger Delta provides over 80 percent of Nigeria’s budgetary revenues and about 95 percent of the nation’s foreign exchange earnings.

The functions of Niger Delta Development Commission includes preparing master plans and schemes designed to promote the physical development of the Niger Delta region and the estimation of the member states of the commission, and the implementation of all the measures approved for the development of the Niger Delta region by the Federal Government and the states of the commission.

The Commission has had more than 15,932 projects delivered since year 2015; among which are roads, shore protection, solar water, buildings, desilting, electricity, and canalization among others in the nine States of the Niger Delta region, which no doubt have helped in the socio-economic development of the region.

The Commission in its efforts at alleviating the lives of the youth of the region embarked on Scholarship Scheme through which many students were sponsored abroad, but the scheme has been improved upon now to make it home-based instead of the usual practice of sending beneficiaries abroad to study courses offered in Nigerian Universities.


However, one of the success stories of the NDDC is its partnership with the state governments of the Niger Delta in building a working coalition with stakeholders to accelerate development in the region. 

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) and the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs have also rekindled the people’s hope for a better and more prosperous region as well as restoring their faith in Nigeria’s Federal Government; pointing towards a golden era in the development of the region.

Currently, the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) has initiated Holistic Opportunities, Projects and Engagement (HOPE); a platform for sustainable empowerment of the region’s youth.

During its flag off in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital, the Managing Director of the NDDC, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, said, HOPE “marks a new dawn for youths of the Niger Delta with the launch of Project Hope that seeks to turn around NDDC’s Youth Development and Empowerment Programme.”

“The project is designed for sustainability because things can only be sustainable when they are data-driven. The project would create a database for youths, women, and entrepreneurs; enable us see clearly what the youths want.”

“We decided to launch this project considering that over the years NDDC has invested lots of funds to impact the lives of youths that cannot be accounted for,” he revealed.

“To this end, we will no longer go about nominating people to benefit from our training programmes as we will only pick from the database,” he pointed out.

“For example, if we want to train welders, then we will go to the database to pick those whose interest are welding. So, nobody needs to know anybody to benefit.”

“The database will eliminate political interest in the area of nominations while giving every youth equal opportunity to obtain support from the NDDC and government,” he said.

“Also, this programme will help eliminate the past practice of youths benefitting in our programmes multiple times. But now, once you’ve been engaged, it will be recorded in our database,” he added.

According to Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, “NDDC is striving for sustainability and this new approach conformist with international best practices. This opportunity rebrands the NDDC. We have decided to do things differently.”

“Youths in the Niger Delta should seize the opportunity and register on the database. It is an opportunity no youth should miss. You can only participate if you are registered on the database,” he implored the youths.

During the event, the NDDC Director, Skills Development and Empowerment, Mrs. Winifred Madume, said, “HOPE will give us all-round understanding of who our youths are, what they want, enable transparent selection process and ensures employment generation and industrialization based on the Public-Private Partnership model of the Commission.”


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