Part Three

3rd Year Advanced Technology
Table of Class and Practical Course Contents
A. Welding, Cutting, and Removal

1. Identify weldable, weld-bonded, and non-weld-able materials used in vehicle construction.

2. Understand the limitations of welding and removing high-strength steels and other metals.

3. Determine correct welding process GMAW (MIG), compression/ resistance spot (STRSW), GTAW (TIG), electrode, wire type, diameter, gas and bonding material to be used in specific welding situations.

4. Select and adjust the welding equipment for proper operation.

5. Perform test welds. Visually inspect and perform destructive test.

6. Insure proper work clamp (ground) location.

7. Use the proper gun-to-joint angle, and direction of gun travel, for welds being made in all positions.

8. Protect vehicle components, including hybrid components, computers and other electronic modules, from possible damage caused by welding and cutting.

9. Clean the metal to be welded; assure good metal fit-up; apply corrosion protection when necessary.

10. Perform the correct joint type (butt, lap, etc.) for the weld being made.

11. Determine the correct type of weld (continuous, stitch, tack, plug, spot, etc.) for each specific welding operation.

12. Identify the causes of weld defects; make necessary adjustments

A. Welding, Cutting, and Removal

1. Identify the types of plastic(s); determine repairability.

2. Identify the proper plastic repair/cleaning procedures; clean and prepare the surfaces of plastic parts.

3. Repair plastic parts by welding or using repair materials (adhesives, reinforcing materials).

4. Reshape and shrink flexible exterior plastic parts.

5. Remove damaged areas from rigid exterior plastic; repair with partial panel installation.

6. Repair deep gouges, holes, and cracks in plastic panels.

7. Replace bonded plastic body panels; straighten or align panel supports.

8. Replace mechanically fastened or bonded plastic body panels; straighten, torque, or align panel supports. 9. Replace or repair plastic panels.

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