Famous Investors

Thomas Parker

Invention, Enterprise, Struggle

Born in 1843, Thomas Parker made history as the inventor and British entrepreneur who produced the world’s first electric car in his 72-year life. He began working in the foundry of his father at the age of 9, starting at 6 am in the morning, and soon became a good foundry worker.

Parker built a small steam engine in 1857, studying chemistry. Thomas Parker, who constantly improved himself, went through “beyond time” with his efforts. In addition to his inventor identity, he began to seek solutions to the growing air and environmental pollution of London in particular. This led to his efforts to electrify vehicles and cars, a big step for mankind.

In 1876, they invented the “steam pump” together with Philip Weston for Coalbrookdale. He was recognized and won awards with this invention. He made the dynamo in 1878.

In the 1890s, Parker’s battery-powered trams were on the road in Birmingham.The inventor allowed London Metropolitan Railway to use electric locomotives on rail and underground lines.

Thomas Parker built the world’s first electric car in 1884. The inventor as a curious, knowledgeable, honest person, with the goal of his childhood which was turning the world into a better place to live, made a lot of succeeding inventions: developed lighting systems, made public transportation vehicles working with smokeless – electrical – fuels.

Sarah Parker wrote for Thomas Parker’s memory:

“…While science yields electric thrills, While engineering glory, The world to mighty deeds shall press, The name shall live in story…”

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