Transportation Technology & Apprenticeship


Skilled technicians, who need to know the basics of everything from seat-belt systems to the latest diagnostic equipment, are in great demand. 

Transportation Technology graduates work for equipment manufacturers, automotive, truck and heavy equipment dealers, and the parts industry. 

The management skills gained allow graduates to work in service administration, research and development, management and teaching positions and many graduates own their own businesses.


Certified trades people must complete both in-school and on-the-job training. 

We offer the in-school component for:

  1. Agricultural Equipment Technician
  2. Agricultural Equipment Technician (John Deere Tech) 
  3. Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer 
  4. Auto Body Repairer 
  5. Automotive Service Technician 
  6. Automotive Service Technician (GM-ASEP) 
  7.  Heavy Duty Equipment Technician 
  8. Motive Power Technician (Automotive) 
  9. Motive Power Technician (Diesel) 
  10. Truck and Coach Technician. 

If you want to become an apprentice, you must find an employer who is willing to train you on the job and be supervised by a qualified tradesperson.


  1. Agricultural Equipment Technician (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] – FET2
  2. Agricultural Equipment Technician – John Deere Ag Tech [Apprenticeship] – JDA2
  3. Auto Body and Collision Damage Repairer [Apprenticeship] – ABC6
  4. Auto Body Repair Techniques – ABT1
  5. Auto Body Repairer Apprentice (Branch II – Block Release) [Apprenticeship] – ABR3
  6. Automotive Sales – AMS2
  7. Automotive Service Management – ASM2
  8. Automotive Service Technician (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] – AST5
  9. Automotive Service Technician (Day Release) [Apprenticeship] – AST4
  10. Automotive Service Technician (GM-ASEP) [Apprenticeship] – MMA3
  11. Motive Power Technician (Automotive) – MTA7
  12. Motive Power Technician (Automotive) (Co-op) – MTA9
  13. Motive Power Technician (Diesel) – MTD7
  14. Motive Power Technician (Diesel) (Co-op) – MTD9
  15. Pre-Technology – PRT1
  16. Truck and Coach Technician (Block Release) [Apprenticeship] – TCT4
  17. Truck and Coach Technician (Day Release) [Apprenticeship] – TCT3

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