Business Administration – Entrepreneurship

(HND in Entrepreneurship)

Choose a Higher National Diploma in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship that will give you the confidence to catapult your business forward!

Do you have a spirit of innovation — dreaming up revolutionary ideas and figuring out how you can have an impact on your community and broaden your sphere of influence? 

Do you want to solve problems and improve the lives of others? 

You value the freedom and flexibility that comes from running your own business. 

You are a creator, an adventurer, a visionary. 

And now, you’re ready to take this passion and transform it into a career. 

All you need is a Higher National Diploma in entrepreneurship to help you get there.

In West Africa Automotive Institute’s Higher National Diploma in Business Administration (HNDBA) and Data Analysis – Entrepreneurship, you can learn how to design, launch, and run a new business successfully. 

The Institute’s Higher National Diploma in Business Administration – Entrepreneurship can equip you with critical business skills and the ability to lead with wisdom and integrity. 

With a Higher National Diploma, you can learn:

  1. Core Management 
  2. Finance, and marketing skills. 

The West Africa Automotive Institute’s entrepreneurship classes will: 

  1. Help you strategize and implement a successful business plan.
  2. Help you learn the dynamics of establishing, funding, and managing a new enterprise. 
  3. Show you how to start your own business, and also prepare you for career paths in business management and sales. 
  4. Ginger you to cultivate the skills you need to enjoy the freedom and financial rewards of a thriving business venture. 
  5. Allow you to stay active in your job, your family, and your community without the worry of taking courses on campus; if it’s the Online version you registered for.
  6. The Entrepreneurship Course will provide the biblical foundation and moral support you need to thrive.
  7.  The Entrepreneurship Courses will help you assess risks in order to avoid them and understand major aspects of business ownership such as franchising and e-commerce. 

The goal of the Institute’s Higher National Diploma in Business Administration -Entrepreneurship is to help you minimize risks and give you the best opportunity for success so that you can pursue your passion.

Featured Courses

  • BUSI 336 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • BUSI 338 – Developing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  • BUSI 411 – Operations Strategy
  • BUSI 458 – Innovating into Industries and Markets


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